Lonestar Laboratory is pleased to announce its acquisition by Apave, a prestigious international organization headquartered in France.

Apave boasts a distinguished history spanning over 150 years in technical, human, environmental, and digital risk management. As an independent entity with a turnover of Euro 1 billion in 2022, Apave employs 13,000 professionals and operates 130 branches in France, along with overseeing 170 training facilities domestically and internationally, and managing 18 testing centers. With a global presence in over 50 countries, Apave has garnered the trust of nearly 50,000 customers in France alone.

The integration of Apave's extensive expertise and accreditations with Lonestar's established reputation in the TIC market signifies a new chapter of enhanced capabilities. This synergy will enable Lonestar to adeptly address the evolving needs and intricacies of its clientele, delivering unparalleled efficiency and efficacy in risk management.

Ethics values

Lonestar prioritizes ethical conduct in all our operations. We adhere to Apave Group’s Code of Ethics, Anti-corruption Code and Disclosure Procedure, reflecting these principles throughout our global network.

Our commitment to the codes underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, professionalism, and ethical decision making.

Download our codes:
  • Code of Ethics
  • Anti-corruption Code
  • Disclosure Procedure